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We create awesome apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Web. Our aim is to make you and your customers happy.


Our magic

Our only product is your happiness.

Everything we do is to make you and your customers happy. Be it an increase of sales revenue from newly designed mobile app or speeding up your core business process by introducing mobile centric information system. We speak your language and measure our success by added value to your business.

Meet the people we made happy

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    "Potřebujete udělat appku na mobilní telefony? 100% můžu doporučit Applifting. Dělali nám appku na Android i iOS a luxusní práce!" - Tweet

    Mário Roženský, Tvůrce AFFILBOX

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    "Collaboration with Applifting guys is AWESOME. They are able to transfer idea into product with deep understanding of business requirements. Do their job well and in time! Great results after one year = twice 1st place in local and international innovation copetitions!"

    Pavel Vrba, Service Manager
    T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.

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    "From start to finish they were a dream to work with. I went to these guys with an idea and they turned it into reality."

    Pieter Foster, owner of Praguer s.r.o.

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    "Online systém přihlašování na kurzy v projektu Vracíme se do práce, který pro nás vyvinul Applifting, nám šetří práci i čas a účastníkům projektu pomáhá rychle získat aktuální informace o nabízených kurzech."

    Ota Maderová, projektový manager Image Lab s.r.o.


Find a free parking spot anywhere, anytime

T-Parking is an application that helps you by guiding you somewhere near to your destination where you have high chance of parking. The initial concept won the T-Mobile innovation competition "Big Head".

We use combined data from publicly available map information, parking data from our partners such as shopping centers and most importantly we harness the power of statistics and signal processing to analyze cellular data usage and user feedback to predict parking spot availability.

Applifting did the prototype that won the "Big Head" contest and also created the Proof of Concept implementation including the backend service which provides parking data to the mobile application.

FAPI Tickets

Ticket validity checker

We have developed a mobile ticket validator for a SaaS application FAPI TICKETS. It is available for iPhone and Android and it is able to validate any ticket issued by FAPI TICKETS sytem in either online or offline mode.

Our application has been battle tested during Digital Summit 2014. It has checked over 900 tickets throughout this event without any problems.

Single Sign On - security research

Applifting conducted a security research for Trask a.s. on how to securely share identity between multiple applications on iOS and Android.

We have created several prototypes showing both vulnerabilities of the mobile platforms and correct ways how to secure the shared identity.

Vracíme se do práce

Sign-up system for open lectures

We have implemented a sign-up system for project co-funded by European Union that helps mothers on matternity leave to get back to work. It offers free lessons on professional communication, assertivity, negotiation, CV composing, time-management and more.

It was crucial to make the system easy to use for non-technical users. Our sign-up system allows easy sign-in to classes and enables to easily track attendance. Reports required by EU can be easily generated from the system. This fact eases the burden of compliance with EU regulations and rules.


Package tracking app

Track your packages from USA anywhere and anytime. Customers of Shipito LLC. use our mobile application around the globe to stay in touch with their packages on the go.


European cross border organ exchange platform

Applifting helps save lives! We developed mobile and web applications enabling European transplantation centers to promptly negotiate organ transfers throughout the European Union, when time matters most.

This project has been realized in cooperation with DERS s.r.o..

Your project

We would love to make an app for you! Get in touch and launch your idea to mobile space.

The key to a successful app is a well organised team consisting of wide range of specialists. Our joined expertise covers just about anything your app might need, from first-class user experience analysis and graphical design of a beautiful interface to exceptionally smooth performance of a well coded app.

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    Vratislav Kalenda

    Applifting CEO

    Vratislav’s fields of expertise are analysis of the problem and survey of customer's needs. He then designs an architecture of mobile solution to meet the goals in a cost-effective way. In his spare time, Vratislav plays guitar and lifts weights.

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    Filip Kirschner

    R&D lead and UX Ninja

    Filip's main goal is to deliver the best user experience the application can provide. He works closely with our clients when he designs how user will interact with their application. He teaches iOS development on Unicorn College and is responsible for iOS development here in Applifting.

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    Martin Večeřa

    WebApp Specialist

    Martin focuses on creating user-friendly modern web applications, serving as a backend for mobile apps. He prefers simple and clean solutions which are easy to use. He attends New Media Studies at Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague and plays in rock band called J!Scream.

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    Martin Balák

    Customer Satisfaction Expert

    Martin is responsible for happiness of our customers. When he is not busy caring for our customers, he tests our applications and guarantees quality of our end-user products.

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    Martin Burian

    R&D Lead

    Martin applies his wide theoretical knowledge of computer science to complicated engineering problems we face. From initial research to final implementation, he uses whatever tools are neccessary to fulfill the customer's expectations. When he's not working or studying, he likes creating things with his own hands and spending his free time outdoors.

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    Jan Hauser

    Android Engineer

    Jan is our cross-platform mobile developer with specialization on Android platform. He loves to optimize things and considers no detail to be small enough to overlook.

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    Prokop Simek

    Backend Specialist

    Prokop is our ruby artist and backend specialist. His sole purpose is to provide a robust service for our mobile and web frontends. Whenever a challenge appears, he doesn't hesitate and takes it on.
    Legend says that whenever a party starts and he is present, the party does not end well.

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    Dominik Snopek

    Junior Developer

    Our multitalented junior Dominik does everything from writing API specifications to coding backend services and setting up developement enviroments. In the meantime when he doesn’t study Cybernetics, he loves to learn new technologies and face any challenge we throw at him.

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    Jakub Pavlík

    Backend Developer

    Jakub pretends - with varying success - to be a programmer. From time to time he even submits some code. He loves the Ruby language for it's extraordinary expressiveness. His free time is divided between development of free software, music and theological studies.

Whether you have decided we are the way to make your dreams come true, or you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact Martin Balák, our customer satisfaction expert. He will do his best to fulfill your every wish.
Do you have a more specific question? Ask Vratislav Kalenda, our CEO, directly.