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HR & Internal Communication Specialist

Join our People Care Team and come help us make our Applifters as happy as a clam.

We’re looking for someone to help us not just with HR but also with internal communication. A new position with new challenges and the freedom to make it your own.

How it works in Applifting

hrnek career at applifting

What we currently have in mind:

  • We need someone to help us nurture the well-being and culture of Applifting, like setting up proper channels for internal communication (i.e. making sure that with 150 people on board, nothing gets lost :)) and coming up with new benefits and education projects.
  • Diligence and organizing your work are a piece of cake for you: for all your creativity, you still keep track of deadlines, and you’re responsible.
  • You don’t say no to challenge and you don’t half-ass things, even when they start to get all tangled up and messy. Prioritizing and taking on some more complex tasks isn’t a problem for you either.
  • In time, you wouldn’t mind helping us with onboarding new Applifters, thus creating your own “pool” of newbies and being their personal HR buddy.
  • Full-time cooperation would be swell, but we’re open to part-time options as well.

Things you already have a knack for:

  • Internal communication and getting things up and running in startups or IT companies.
  • HR in general, at least somewhat. We know that internal communication is usually the HR team’s responsibility, so we’re convinced we’re not asking for too much. :) Either way, don’t hesitate to apply even if your experience in HR isn’t that great.

And some things that’ll score you some extra points:

  • Experience with working with contractors and knowing your way around labor law.
  • Experience with benefits management and education coordination (e.g. language courses).
  • Familiarity with the tools we use: Google Workspace, Slack, and Notion.

And some new skills we can help you gain:

  • At least a third or a half of your time will be spent on administrative tasks like preparing contracts. It’ll help you make sense of how things work in our HR team.
  • As time goes by, you’ll take on specific projects and take responsibility for them, ideally making sure they’re communicated well to everyone in the company. The complexity of the tasks will reflect your experience: if you’re a seasoned HR veteran, we’ll introduce you to what sort of problem we’re dealing with and what we have in mind, and you’ll have all the freedom to come up with a solution (one that is grounded in what values we hold dear). On the other hand, if you’re more of an HR rookie, we’ll present you with a solution and let you handle all the organizational details.
  • If it tickles your fancy, you can contribute to the overall improvement of our information structure and management of our “company intranet” in Notion.
  • And if it all goes well and you enjoy working with us, you can be damn sure that we’ll help you grow.

In return, you’ll get:

  • 🖖 Hey buddy attitude and open culture
  • ⏰ Flexible working hours—work anywhere and anytime you want, be it from the office or at home
  • 💻 MacBook Air
  • 💸 Sharing 10% of our profits with Applifters at the end of the year
  • 👫 Mentorship programme—everyone has a mentor here, some even have two
  • 📚 Personal growth—a budget for conferences, training, or books of your choice
  • 🇬🇧 English courses—whether it’s in a group or on your own
  • ⚖️ Taking good care of our mental well-being in cooperation with therapists from
  • 🦸 Spirit of Applifting—you get paid for the time you spend on good deeds, both during and outside your working hours
  • 🚴‍♂️ MultiSport card and a place to exercise at work as well
  • 🍺 Meetups, team building activities, and other community events
  • 🛋 Rest zones, a meetup space, and a game room
  • 👼 Offices where all manners of kids and pets are welcome